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get NADCA Certified!

Set yourself apart from the competition and let your customers know that you're committed to providing excellent service and delivering results. The NADCA Annual Meeting & Exposition is the perfect opportunity to obtain your Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) or Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) certification. These credentials indicate specialized knowledge in HVAC systems, your adherence to standards, consumer protections, and confer peer and public recognition to those individuals who prove proficient in their practice.

Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS)

The ASCS is NADCA's premier certification, signifying a high level of professionalism in the HVAC cleaning industry. Through certification, technicians and contractors demonstrate knowledge of HVAC system cleaning, NADCA standards, industry regulations, an understanding of microbiological contamination, project assessment, and more. The ASCS certification enhances professional development and is a world-wide credential recognizing an individual's knowledge and skills related to HVAC system hygiene.

Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI)

The CVI program is designed for professionals who have already obtained their ASCS certification and are interested in demonstrating an even higher level of professionalism and knowledge.

Pre-Conference Training

Pre-conference training will take place one day only, on Monday, March 8. The optional Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) and Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) training courses will be held on Monday, March 8 from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

ASCS Member
ASCS Non-Member
CVI Member
CVI Non-Member
Early Bird: $225 Early Bird: $425 Early Bird: $225 Early Bird: $425
Standard: $275 Standard: $450 Standard: $275 Standard: $450

Registration to one of the training courses includes either ASCS or CVI training and reference materials, as well as breakfast and lunch on Monday, March 8.

*If a minimum of 10 attendees are not registered for the course by February 1st, 2021, the course will be canceled and the training course fee will be fully refunded.

Certification Exams

Certification exams are optional and will be held on Tuesday, March 9, from 7:00 am - 10:30 am. Additional registration is required and fees include either the ASCS or CVI exam and breakfast. Exam fees do not include training course material.

ASCS Certification Exam

Member rate: $275

CVI Certification Exam

Member rate: $165
Note: Participants must have ASCS credentials in order to sit for the CVI exam.

ASCS Certification Renewal

Member rate: $95

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