Susan Frew

Sunshine Home Services | Raincatcher LLC

Susan Frew is a former International General Manager with AT&T Wireless, Business Coach, Instructor for the SBA's national Emerging Leaders program, radio host of “Coaching Not Just for Sports" on ESPN radio in Denver. Susan is also a successful TEDX speaker and took the stage in 2017.  Currently, she is the President of Sunshine Home Services in Commerce City, CO and Director of Business Growth at Raincatcher LLC.

In 2018 Disaster Struck when they realized they had made a massive hiring mistake which almost forced them to declare bankruptcy and close their business. With the help of a solid action plan, grit and determination, they were able to turn around their struggling company. Susan used all the lessons she learned while coaching 17 different trades and 150 companies through the recession.

As a Business owner and entrepreneur, Susan Frew, takes audiences through the riveting story of growing her company 535%, making the INC5000 list, and then almost losing it all because of a bad hire. Susan's employee left her company 1 Million Dollars in debt. Susan then went out on the "skinny branches" and courageously saved her company.

Susan's vulnerability and refreshing honesty set her apart as she is willing to share her mistakes and trials in order to help her audiences avoid a similar fate. This has become Susan's mission so that no other business owner has to walk through a similar fire in their business.

Susan works with Raincatcher to help business owners understand the value of their business and give them a solid coaching plan for maximum sale value.