Ken Summers, ASCS

Comfort Institute Inc.

Ken Summers has been in the HVAC Industry since 1979, in residential service, in-home sales, and commercial design/build.

He went to work for Retrotec Inc in 1994 a manufacture of Performance contracting test instruments. In 1998 he was a Cofounder of Comfort Institute. For the past 21 years, he has been with Comfort Institute (CI) helping progressive HVAC contractors adopt "Whole House and Air Distribution Diagnostics and Repair”. In addition to providing test instruments such as blower doors, duct testers, flow hoods, and smoke puffers, CI trained on the most effective ways to solve difficult comfort, dust, IAQ and high utility bill problems.

Proper sizing is the foundation of an effective home comfort system. Ken specializes in helping contractors avoid common load calc and duct design mistakes, duct leakage problems, thermal envelope repair and mold related issues across the country. Recently CI has now become part of Aeroseal where Ken is the VP of training there. Ken has written articles for The NEWS magazine and he has spoken at ACCA, NADCA, PHCC, RSES, and EPA sponsored functions.