Cole Stanton

ICP Group

Cole recently accepted building Masterworks, a comprehensive education, training and design specification platform for all 17 brands of the ICP Group. For 22 years prior, Cole was Technical Director and then Executive Vice President of Fiberlock Technologies, the leading manufacturer of products to CLEAN, KILL, COAT – helping restorers, assessors and HVAC specialists maintain Indoor Air Quality. Cole is intensively involved in standards and policymaking. He has served the IICRC S520 MOLD standard and S540 TRAUMA SCENE standards virtually since inception. He served NADCA in the working group for the Chemicals & Coatings in ductwork position paper. Cole recently finished a 4 year stint on the IAQA Board and as a Vice-President, and spent four years as a Chapter Chair for the soon to be released RIA/IAQA Fire Damage Restoration Standard. He develops specifications, and creative cross-discipline approaches to challenging programs, and teaches whenever possible. He lives with his two young children just outside his hometown of Boston.