A Higher Understanding of Indoor Air Quality and Cannabis

Date/Time: Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 10:45 AM to 11:30 AM


The Cannabis industries (note the plural) can’t be ignored any longer. Any prior impact on your NADCA business probably started as a niche consideration. For some, MJ morphed into a service specialty. But now? To paraphrase when it comes to pot: You can engage and fail, but you can no longer fail to engage marijuana. Not if you operate a business related to indoor air quality. Spoiler Alert! This is not a comprehensive presentation, the speaker has far from all the answers, but we can productively and provocatively examine some of the pertinent issues. First, it is anything but a monolithic opportunity. Cultivation, Harvest, Processing, Distribution, and Consumption all pose certain sets of challenges. Layer over that pot’s political landscape in the US and Canada, and the wild swings of direction that regulation is taking, and the picture becomes complicated and yet exciting. There may only be time to touch on a few strong issues but jump on our Pineapple Express to some blunt truths and deep contemplations that just might give you a higher understanding.